Edited 327 2 263x300 Profile Maureen MacSweeney MSN, CNM, ARNP, CLNC  is the founder of Legal Nurse Associates, LLC. She is a Nurse Practitioner currently specializing in Breast Cancer Assessment with an acclaimed program. Prior to her current position Maureen was responsible for the planning, supervision and administration of nursing services for an acute care hospital’s Women and Infant Services.

Maureen is also a Certified Nurse Midwife with 19+ years of nursing and surgical experience in private practice. As a Midwife, she has delivered over 700 infants and reviewed thousands of electronic fetal monitoring strips and medical records. She has been responsible for the obstetrical, gynecological and fertility care for a large urban population. Maureen’s additional nursing experience lies in the Operating Room. She practiced as a member of the Cardiac Surgical Team of a highly reputable urban medical center program. In addition, she also has experience in the areas of plastics, gynecology, general surgery and orthopedics.

Maureen’s extensive experience as an independent practitioner is invaluable to attorneys. In reviewing the medical record, Maureen is able to “create a visual” for the attorneys detailing, “what occurred” and what “should have occurred” – according to the standards of care and policies and procedures of the facility.

Maureen is uniquely qualified to bring her attorney-clients accurate, up-to-date healthcare knowledge needed to argue their cases successfully. In doing so, Maureen is able to educate her attorney-clients reducing their time and cost on MD experts. In addition, she has extensive knowledge with research vehicles, and is a formally educated and experienced professor, and lecturer.